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Please note: This site will be maintained in archive state. Please update all bookmarks with my new site: http://goybparenting.com
This site has been, and continues to be, a work in progress. It began with research and writing when my first child was a toddler. Within a few short years, we added 2 more children to the family and briefly parented a teenage step-son. During much of that time, I also owned and operated two in-home daycare businesses. These experiences have given me endless opportunities to explore parenting issues on many different and critical levels.

I’ve always known that I’d someday write a book. I’m pleased (and, yes, a bit nervous), to announce that I am finally compiling my notes, thoughts and experiences in a book. I’ll post details as soon as I have more information regarding the actual publication, so check back regularly.


The working title and discipline program I embrace is called Effective Practical Parenting. It is a 3-level progressive approach, with each level building on the one that comes before.


Level 1 is the foundation of love, security and safety that we build into our relationship with our children.


Level 2 includes the proactive discipline tools we use to make life with children joyful, manageable and sane.


Level 3 defines specific strategies when a discipline issue arises.


It’s tempting, I know, to simply click the link that tells you how to manage a toddler in the grocery store. But I encourage you to start at Level 1 and progress through Level 3, because the foundation of love, security and safety are crucial to the discipline tools that come later.

On the left, you’ll find links to ideas, strategies and information that will help you succeed at Effective Practical Parenting. It’s my sincere hope that this information and experience will help make life with your “little ones” happy, enjoyable and fulfilling.


I have added an amazon.com link to each of my pages. I'd be most appreciative if you would use this link to locate some of the books I recommend. It will help offset some of the time I spend working on this site and the time I spend with people who contact me as a result of it.

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